Our team

We are passionate to improve the way everyone ages

  • Sara Gonçalves

    Sara Gonçalves

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Dami Omifare

    Dami Omifare

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Mariana Marques

    Mariana Marques

    Community Manager

  • Beatriz Cachulo

    Beatriz Cachulo

    Content Manager

  • Jehad Hossain

    Jehad Hossain

    Software Developer

  • João Doroana

    João Doroana

    Software Developer

  • Flávia Machado

    Flávia Machado

    Head of Science

our specialists

We work with partners and instructors, all experienced professionals that...

  • Margarida Pialgata

    Margarida Pialgata


  • João Sequeira

    João Sequeira


  • Toma Palade

    Toma Palade


  • Ana Lúcia Novais

    Ana Lúcia Novais


  • Ericka Federici

    Ericka Federici


  • Patrícia Paquete

    Patrícia Paquete

    CEO Humana-mente

  • Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mindfulness Expert

  • Fátima Ramalho

    Fátima Ramalho

    Teacher at IP Santarém

  • Carolina Almeida Cruz

    Carolina Almeida Cruz

    CEO C-More

In Actif we are improving the way people age