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Excercise from home, at your own pace. Browse our selection of videos and find an exercises program tailored to you.

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Why actif?

Actif improves your physical and mental health conditions with tailored exercises that fit your needs, objectives, and conditions.

  • Improve your equilibrium
  • Gain more flexibility
  • Find your inner peace
  • Feel better every day

Are you interested? Do you have more questions?

See it for yourself!


Our Methodology

We work with universities and experts in fitness, physiotherapy, geriatrics to offer an inclusive, adaptive, and personalized experience.

We put your well-being first.


Our Content

Our skilled instructors will guide you in many different activities:

Try aerobic sessions, Yoga, riddles, meditation, Tai Chi, stretching sessions, mental games, and much more!

Why are we different?



Shoulder pain, back problems, leg injury? No worries! Actif has the right exercises to feel better without compromising health!

science backed


Our team of advisors and experts makes sure every movement fits the right purpose.

available everywhere

Available Everywhere

All you need is internet access. Watch the videos instantly on computer, tablet, phone, or television!

our specialists

We work with partners and instructors specialists in different modalities with several years of experience...

  • Margarida Pialgata

    Margarida Pialgata


  • João Sequeira

    João Sequeira


  • Toma Palade

    Toma Palade


  • Ana Lúcia Novais

    Ana Lúcia Novais


  • Ericka Federici

    Ericka Federici


  • Patrícia Paquete

    Patrícia Paquete

    CEO Humana-mente

  • Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mindfulness Expert

  • Fátima Ramalho

    Fátima Ramalho

    Teacher at IP Santarém

  • Flávia Machado

    Flávia Machado

    Researcher at U. Aveiro

  • Carolina Almeida Cruz

    Carolina Almeida Cruz

    CEO C-More

frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Who is Actif for?
Actif is for people that want to improve their health but are not sure where to start; people that need guidance in the selection of the exercises, to not compromise their health. Actif is for people that want to feel better without having to go to the gym every day.
Why should I use Actif?
Because you can find the perfect exercises for you, without leaving your house. Actif brings your tailored workout everywhere.
Can I use it on my phone?
For sure! The Actif platform can be used on phones, tablets, and computers! And if you need any help or support, do not hesitate to contact us at

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